Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

We make a living buying broken cars. A blown transmission, a cracked main seal, or a car accident, can leave you frustrated about the potential car repair bills.

We turn your broken car into cash in your pocket. We buy cars no matter what their condition. We pay cash, we tow them away for free, and we schedule pick-up around your busy schedule.

Whether your insurance company totaled your car, or you simply don't want to pour more money into repairs, we'll pay you cash for your broken car.

You don't need the hassle of negotiating with a car dealer for a trade in, and you don't need to pay towing or disposal fees. We will buy your old car and turn it into a down payment for your next vehicle.

We sometimes fix up broken cars, we break others down for spare parts, and we recycle those cars whose parts can't help to keep other cars on the road.

Though we don't own a car lot, we have decades of experience in the used car market. We long ago learned that our business relies on our ability to buy cars, and that paying top dollar was the best way to ensure a steady supply.

Your broken car may leave you frustrated, but we view it as an opportunity. Please call, e-mail, or fill out our simple web form in order to give us an opportunity to demonstrate that your broken car doesn't have to leave you broke.