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The Internet age has dramatically increased the number of places you can sell a car. Gone are the days when you had but a few options; trade a car in to a dealer, put an ad in the paper, or throw a sign in the window with your phone number.

The Web allows people to sell a car to a wide variety of salvage companies, junk yards, steel recyclers, used parts dealers, and car dealers from all over the place. You can sell a car to a used car dealer 100 miles away as easy as you can sell a car to a local junk yard these days.

We work hard to attract people to our web site who are looking to sell a car. We work harder to earn those people's business, as well as the word of mouth marketing that gets us more people looking to sell a car.

The easy access of the Internet means that we can reach out to more potential customers, and that our customers can tell many more people if we don't provide a good price and reliable service.

If you want to sell a car, call, e-mail, or chat with us. We've worked for decades in the secondary car market, have created a business that relies on return customers and word of mouth advertising, and are confident that you'll be happy to sell us your cars for years to come.