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I went online looking to sell my car. I was also quickly confused.

I didn't need a new car, I didn't know much about cars, but I frankly needed to sell my old car because I needed the cash.

That said, the bloated trade-in quotes from car dealers meant nothing to me. They obviously were focused on selling me a new car, and I didn't need one.

I also had no idea whether I should sell my car to a junk yard, recycle it with a green company, or donate it to a charity. I quickly learned that the donation route wouldn't earn me any money for almost a year, and that I was likely to save only about $150 on next years taxes.

The junk car and salvage yards were offering about $100 in cash now, some offered free tows, and others had fees that made me believe that I'd end up owing money to sell my car.

The Green car recyclers were worse. They explained my environmental responsibilities, and that I would end up having to pay to sell my car, which was a novel concept.

In the end, I chose to offer to sell my car to several generic car buyers. All offered free towing, cash for a clear title, and the promise that my car would either be recycled or fixed up and resold to someone who needed cheap transportation.

The details were few, the transaction simple, and I was able to sell my car to the highest bidder, and put cash in my pocket, within 48 hours.

Don't get lost in the details. If you want to sell your car, offer it to several car buyers, trust your instincts if you're feeling like you're being lied to, and know that selling a car is just business. Even the charities are simply reselling your car to one of the many car buyers out there.