Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

Wrecked cars are too often seen as a burden by their owners. The people who wreck cars usually see them only as valuable as their weight in steel. We see severely damaged cars as an opportunity.

We buy old cars no matter what their condition. We offer free and fast towing service, and we think you'll be surprised how much the wreck in you driveway can actually be worth.

We're not telling you that the wreck car in your driveway is a potential pot of gold. We will tell you that we treat every customer with respect and courtesy, and that we evaluate each wreck car individually.

While a 15 year old car that hasn't run in years is usually just worth its weight in recyclable steel, 25 year old cars are classics with potentially valuable spare parts, and 10 year old cars can often be fixed up and resold to those looking for cheap transportation.

We have been working in the secondary car market for decades. The relationships that we've built with used parts dealers, mechanics, salvage yards, used car dealers, and auto auctions, allow us to shop around the wreck cars we buy.

This means that we get top dollar for the wrecks we buy, and that we are able to offer more than virtually anyone buying old cars.

Please give us a call. You'll find that we are professional and easy to work with. We'll make a cash offer for your wreck car within minutes, and can have that cash in your hand in a matter of hours.