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When you look in the Yellow pages or search for Junk Car Towing in a search engine, you encounter a wide variety of businesses from all facets of the junk car business.

At the simplest level, you will come across small businesses that own one or more tow trucks. They spend most of their time towing cars that break down, and try to keep their trucks busy by Advertising for junk car towing.

Some of these towing companies offer free junk car towing knowing that thay will be able to bet at least $50 - $100 from a steel recycler. That pays the driver, as well as for the gas and truck. Others charge their normal towing fee and pick up whatever extra cash possible when they sell your junk car.

You should never have to pay for junk car towing. If you can't find a towing company that will at least trade you your junk car for free towing, type in free junk car towing into Google or Yahoo, along with your town name and state, and you'll get a selection of free junk car towing options beyond the traditional family owned tow garages.

Most prominent among them these days are the hundreds of small and large charities that offer free junk car towing and a tax deduction. If your car is truly junk, the federal tax deduction can save you a hundred or two on next years taxes, and the towing is free.

There are also auto auctions and junk yards that offer free junk car towing. They normally own a few trucks, and they're betting the $50 - $100 that they'll spend to tow your car will be covered by what your junk car can be sold for at auction, for scrap, or for spare parts.