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Literally millions of cars are totaled every year. Sometimes, totaled cars are taken by insurance companies. Other times, their owners are left with a wreck that they need to pay to get rid of.

Our company would appreciate the opportunity to buy your totaled car. We pay the most cash possible, we offer free tow away service, and we'll leave you with some cash to add to your insurance pay out when you head out seeking a new car.

A totaled car is generally one that an insurance company believes is worth less than its Blue Book value. For example, a 2000 Buick with low miles and in excellent condition has a Blue Book value of around $1,500. Even a relatively minor crash can result in thousands in repair bills, so insurance companies "total a car", pay their client $1,500, and wipe their hands of the matter.

More often than not, owners of totaled cars agree with their insurance company's assessment of their car, and simply take the insurance money and head out to buy a new car.

Our company has thrived for years by buying those totaled cars. We end up giving people a bit more money to buy a new car, and we turn totaled cars into spare parts, recycled steel, and/or inexpensive transportation for people in need of a cheap car.

When your insurance company leaves you with a totaled car, you don't need to go into your pocket to tow it away or pay for disposal fees. We'll pay you cash, pick it up for free, and we work on short notice.