Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

We pay the most cash for old cars possible. Whether your old car hasn't run in months, is in need of repairs that you can't afford, or your car isn't that old and you just need cash in a hurry, we'll buy your car.

We're a family owned and operated car buying company that makes our living fixing up, breaking down for parts, and/or properly disposing of customer's old cars. We treat every client and car as unique, because they always are. We also offer the highest cash payouts because that's how we can secure a regular supply of old cars.

We bought our first old car in the early 1980's, fixed it up, and sold it for several hundred dollars in profit after a month. We have been hooked on recycling old cars ever since. By the way, it was a baby blue 1964 Mustang Convertible.

Whenever we can, we will spend the time and money to fix up old cars and either sell them to used car dealers or auto auctions. We've always felt that this was the ultimate in recycling.

When that's not economically possible, we try to break down the cars for used parts so that old cars can keep other old cars on the road.

Unfortunately, the largest portion of old cars we offer cash for are worth almost nothing on the used parts market. In those cases, we recycle the steel and are sure to properly dispose of the many toxic fluids and heavy metals that too often are left to creep into groundwater supplies.

We love old cars, we pay cash for old cars, and we do everything possible to get old cars back on the road.