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If you need to sell a car, no matter what the condition, you usually have at least several options. Even a 1973 Mercury Comet can be sold to a steel recycler, a rare used parts dealer, or to the odd person looking to restore old Mavericks or Comets.

Our company offers the most cash to people looking to sell their car because we talk to the most people looking to buy cars. We'll sell cars to used parts dealers, car recyclers, salvage yards, private buyers, and everything in between.

We work hard to attract people who enter Sell Car into a search engine because we'll buy almost any type of car, in almost any condition. 2006 Cadillac SUVs, 1986 Toyotas, and 2000 Ford Cavaliers, all offer us the same potential to generate a return on the top-dollar cash offers we make for them.

If you're looking to sell a car, we're willing to make a great offer no matter the year, make, model, or condition. We'll also schedule free tow-away service based on your schedule, tow it for free, and you can rely on our guarantee to keep it all as painless as possible.

If you choose to sell a car to us, you can schedule free towing and have cash in hand within 24 hours. We want you to sell your car to us, and offering the most cash possible is the surest way for us to earn new customers. Showing up on time, and generally keeping our word, is also the best way we know to earn customers and invaluable word of mouth advertising.